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Andy's world
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PostSubject: 24/12.....................   Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:11 am

Angel : That's you :p.
Nice: Everything from you always nice with me
Darling: I love this name that you call me
Year: All emotion will in our mind more more more more more.... more year
Love: Of course :p
Owner: I'm a flower that have an owner
Valentine: That's my birthday and " Be my valentine?" ;Wink :p Mad
Evil: I think you like him most :p
Rose: I love her, kakaka ;Wink
Only: just one and I'm certain about it :*
Strange: You'r strange girl >Razz >Razz >Razz
Enemy: You were my enemy 2 years ago ;Wink

Merry Christmas "con nít"
Ngốc ngốc đó :*.
I wanna hug you, honey >Very Happy< I believe that one day we will be together
That's time you be mine . I can hold you in my heart :*:*:*:*:*:*
Giáng sinh ấm áp, sẽ ko buồn nữa em nhé, ngốc ngốc, anh yêu em :*

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